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Bylor 2021 shift pattern proposal

Your Reps have been updating as many members as possible this week about the proposal which Unite have received from Bylor. We would like feedback from as many as our members as possible to be able to respond to Bylor and if needs be try and negotiate an alternative.

2021 will see Bylor expected to deliver 3x the amount of production as we have achieved this year. Due to this increased expectation in programme from EDF, Bylor have come to the unions to discuss a shift change for next year to enable more hours to be worked over a week.

The company have proposed a seperate shift for Day and Night shift so we have included the option for you all below to select which shift you currently work on. Below you will find a photo of the proposal from Bylor. It shows Day shift being on a 6/1 - 5/2 pattern working 11 hour days other than Friday and Saturday shifts. Night shift pattern would be a 6/1 - 4/3 pattern again working 11 hours a day.

Bylor have confirmed that there will be an opt out available for those who can not work weekends, for example those who have childcare issues.

Bylor have also confirmed that if an individual wanted to book a week off of work that they would not need to us a holiday day to book the saturday as part of that week.

There is a short survey at the bottom of the page. If you haven't already had your say on the paper surveys carried out by your Reps then please provide us with your feedback.

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