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Bylor Rep positions available

We have recently resolved a long running negotiation with Bylor over the number of recognised Reps we can elect with Bylor.

We have negotiated a total of 14 Workplace Reps for Bylor on dayshift to help and support our ever-growing membership. Now that we have agreement, we need volunteers to step forward and fill these slots.

There are also some outstanding vacancies with our Safety Rep team which are outlined below also.

What does a Workplace Rep do?

A Workplace Rep, sometimes known as a Steward is a key role within the union. This is a role which comes with it's challenges but also huge rewards.

Workplace Reps provide advice and guidance to the members. They represent members when they need it, whether that is through the grievance process or at a disciplinary hearing. They are also the messengers, feeding information up to the Senior Reps in times of negotiation and in return feeding information back to the members on the ground.

Whilst this role can be challenging, there is plenty of high-quality training available for all new reps as well as a network of experienced Stewards already helping our membership.

If you are interested in putting your name forward to become a Workplace Rep, please check the table below to see if there is a space available on your platform.

If you would like to put your name forward for a Workplace Rep position please email or call PJ Wand (Senior Steward) and provide your name, platform and membership number.


If you would like to put your name forward for a Safety Rep position please email or call Sam Thomas (Senior Safety Rep) and provide your name, platform and membership number.


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