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Bylor pay negotiations update

Following further talks with the client and employer yesterday, regrettably an improved offer has not yet been achieved. The unions were informed categorically no “new” money will be available.

In order to achieve an improved offer, it is now likely that members should be prepared to undertake a period of sustained industrial action - greater than 1 day but no more than 2 weeks.

This would be arranged for and run independently by way of a postal ballot sent to the address given to us by you. During a period of industrial action you would not be expected to attend work and you would receive zero pay for the time you are on strike. However, Unite are able to pay £75 per day strike pay. Payment is made from day one – to be eligible members must have 13 weeks membership, and be able to demonstrate they have lost money as a result of strike action.

Workers taking industrial action are protected from dismissal by their employer for a minimum of a 12 week period, from the start of the action.

The client and employer are keen to continue dialog with the unions, which is not only sensible but also an expectation in line with the agreement. We understand the offer remains, until we start the formal process and serve notice to the employer, of our intent to take action. A further meeting is planned this week with the client and employer.

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