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Bylor Night shift update

It was brought to our attention on Saturday evening that there had been a major failure of the bus service at the end of the Friday shift. This was brought to EDFs attention following unofficial action taken by workers on nightshift.

As a result, we have had meetings today (10th May) with EDF/NNB and SPS to discuss the cause of the issue and compensation for the event.

SPS have taken responsibility for the severe failure in their service. They say this was due to a mistake with the driver’s rota meaning that there were not enough drivers available to take individuals off site via a secure service at 04:00 on the 8th May. As a result the process has now been reviewed and altered to avoid this happening again in the future.

We raised the issue of workers being delayed in getting off site through no fault of their own and the fact that they should be compensated for the time lost. This is currently being reviewed by EDF who have committed to giving the unions an official response to a compensation claim before the end of this week, although they said this could be as soon as tomorrow (11th May).

We regret to inform you that because of the unofficial nature of the action that Bylor as the employer have taken the view that the time spent by workers standing down from work will be unpaid. We are currently fighting this decision on behalf of our members due to the fact that they felt they had no other option but to take this action in order to raise the severity of their treatment. This was exacerbated by the restricted services and points of contact available to workforce on the nightshift. As a result of Bylor's decision workers involved have had 2 hours pay deducted from their shift hours on Saturday night.

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