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Bylor Members proposal meeting and Consultative Ballot.

On Tuesday 17/05/22 Trade unions will be holding a meeting with members to present the proposal and then to carry out a consultative ballot.

This meeting is for members only and proof will be required on entry (membership cards, proof of payment e.g Wage slip or Direct debit proof)

The ballot will run for 10 days to allow members who are off site to cast there vote via a postal ballot.

The meeting will take place in the Frematone building near North building at scheduled times for platforms.

Heatsink 1 and 2 including HCA 07.30

Conventional Island 1 and 2 08.30

Nuclear Island 1 09.30

Nuclear Island 2 and K10 10.30

K11a and Galleries (BOP) 11.30

K5b, Plant Ops and stores 12.30


Heatsink and Conventional Island 19.30

Nuclear Island, K11a, HOR and F1 20.30

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