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Advice to members who consider they should be in receipt of the extra ordinary bonus payment made by

Unite members that worked through the April sit in of the East canteen, or members that worked part of the the shifts available to them during that time – believe a further payment will be made this week.

I should remind all members that the extra-ordinary bonus payment was wholly conceived by BYLOR. This WAS NOT negotiated by the trade unions, and at no time were the trade union consulted with in respect of the payment (either before or after the event). The payment was made directly by the employer (BYLOR) to its workforce.

Guidance: If you worked through the canteen sit in’s and believe you should have received a payment, you should in the first instance formally complain to your line manager in writing. You should provide appropriate evidence to support your claim.

All site rules and agreements in respect of formally raising a complaint should be followed and observed. The BYLOR HR team or your Black Hat can provide further guidance.

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