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Bylor 2021 Shift pattern update

We have reviewed the responses from everyone both via the forms brought around by your reps and the web survey available on this website. The response from the vast majority 94%+ was to reject the proposal put forward by Bylor. We did this at a meeting on Friday and put back the concerns of the membership that the 6/1-5/2 pattern, in particular the cut down on family time too much and left people with no work/life balance. We proposed 2 shift patterns which we believed could accommodate both a work/life balance and increased working hours for Bylor. These were a 10/4 pattern and an 11/3 pattern with days and nights working opposite weekends.

We have today been invited to a meeting with Bylor to discuss our counter proposals. Bylor have said that both of our proposals would be unviable due to the larger amounts of time lost in one hit meaning that, if there were to be bad weather which tied in to either the 3 or 4 days off that they would lose too much productive working time. We do not accept this argument from Bylor and will be investigating the possibility of these shift patterns further.

Bylor also stated that the feedback we had given them was different to the view of workers whom they had spoken to, which was that people wanted to work every hour available to them.

Due to the conflicting responses Bylor have decided to run a survey via email to all Bylor workforce, which will then be reviewed in a meeting with the unions next Monday, before having any further talks about patterns for next year. The survey will be asking whether you accept the offer from the company for your relevant shift, be that either days 6/1-5/2 or nights 6/1-4/3. Please keep an eye out for the email survey which will be sent out to workforce tomorrow and make sure you have your say on it.

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